Why Vision?

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Humans are visual beings. This is easy to understand intuitively – after all, I’m speaking to you right now by virtue of our respective visual systems, not by voice. Our eyes are our faithful soldiers that never question what we demand of them – countless thousands of fine movements and and fine focus changes throughout each hour that we’re awake. They provide varied inputs to our sense of being and allow us to survive and pursue our daily lives.

So, it’s easy to see, then, that when vision is not healthy and strong, it can have broad impact.

So now what?

Given vision is central to our being and our daily function, even small functional deviations from ‘normal’ can and will interfere with our performance and healthy. Vision combines aspects of eyesight, body sense, and balance to create our sense of centre and of ‘being’. When one of these is dysfunctional, the others will be affected.,

We see this role of vision in developing children where refractive (glasses) needs alone can affect behaviour and learning. Elsewhere, motor limitations will impact negatively on reading, or on our interactions with elements in the environment, including working with computers.

When problems with child behaviour and learning arise, think vision first.

Learn more by contacting Dr. Boulet, or by following the link to VisionMechanic.net.

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