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About Dr. Boulet

In 2008, Dr. Charles Boulet graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry, a leading visual rehabilitation college in Oregon, USA. Since then, he has extended his learning through vision rehabilitaton conferences and training through the College of Optometry in Vision Development, the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and various medical specialty training programs including extended scope of practice certification in his home Province of Alberta where he has practised since graduation.

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Years of Experience

Passion For Teaching

He has taught secondary sciences where he was involved in curriculum development, Provincial standard assessment, and in implementing the the first ever public eSchool in Alberta.

Prior to studying visual neuro-rehabilitation at Pacific, Dr. Boulet had completed a BSc in neural sciences / neuropsychology (1991), and a BEd (Biology/French, 1993), both at the University of Alberta.

He then began teaching secondary sciences where he was involved in curriculum development, Provincial standard assessment, and in implementing the the first ever public eSchool in Alberta. During his tenure as a teachers, Dr. Boulet authored two books for science instruction in French, including a new program of practical sciences. “Monsieur Boulet” was honoured with a Teacher of the Year award in his second year of teaching.

Dr. Boulet left the teaching profession to pursue an interest in information technology, leading to a consultant’s role in security electronics at the then new Ekati Diamond Mine. During his time there, he was instrumental in designing and implementing security systems and data management for site 350km north of the nearest centre, Yellowknife, NT. Upon completion of this project, Dr. Boulet opened a new technical college in Yellowknife, the Northern Learning Centre, Inc., a joint venture with Nunasi Corporation  that sought to bring advanced technical training to meet a great need in northern communities and governments. Following this, he spent some time providing local IT consulting services to Indigenous communities throughout the Northwest Territories.

In 2004, after a brief hiatus from professional work, Dr. Boulet returned to professional studies at Pacific where he focused his interests in visual-neurorehabilitation of amblyopia, strabismus, and eye movement disorders and visual perception. Given his background in Education/Psychology, he began writing about and studying vision’s role in child learning and development in 2010, and this led to multiple multiple public education and advocacy projects including: drboulet.com , a repository of vision therapy and science information; Bill 203, a bill to ensure basic vision exams for all Albertan children, vild.info, , a public education site regarding visual impediments to learning and development; a major peer-reviewed paper on vision and learning ; and he has sponsored two major vision therapy events for Alberta therapists including the ‘Calgary Vision Event’ in 2015, with therapists from across the continent, and then recently ‘The Vision Rehabilitation Roadshow’ (VRROnline.com ), co-hosted with Robert Constantine, the VisionRehabOT  – a prominent vision therapist/Occupational Therapist working in neuro trauma in Florida. ‘The Roadshow’ brought together rehabilitation therapists from around Alberta and from as far as Bermuda. Both Dr. Boulet and Mr. Constantine have a long history of passionate public education and advocacy around ‘vision blindness’, or the lack of basic education around human visual function.

Dr. Boulet now spends his time in primary care practice where he addresses common medical visual concerns as well as consultations on child development and neuro trauma. This site, VisionMechanic.net, is a new effort to make vision science and rehab more accessible to teachers, family doctors, counsellors, and therapists of all stripes.