What an eye doctor would do with money for a new arena

I was compelled to write to the local CBC station during a recent discussion on using tax dollars to build a new hockey arena. The program is the afternoon drive show entitled ‘The Homestretch‘. Check it out.


Hi Everyone,

Every day in clinic I see children with mild to severe visual impediments to learning and development. These affect how children perceive and interact with the world, including how they behave, learn, and feel. Currently there is no support at all for supportive care for affected families, aside from a pittance in insurance coverage for optical.

Vision is a serious issue, and families simply do not get the support they need. I as a doctor have access to only very limited services for supporting cases where vision problems are at the root of learning disabilities, attention problems, and others. Many times, families go without the care they need and the burden falls upon the healthcare and education systems which simply cannot manage visual impediments.

For a very small fraction of the cost of the proposed arena, we could arrange to check every child in the Province for many years to come, as well as offer real support to families that need and deserve it.

It’s a wonder we’re so blind to vision. Hockey arenas are great, but please let’s set our priorities straight when it comes to limited tax dollars.


DrB BSc, BEd, OD


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