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If you’re new to this site, you are going to feel a little disoriented at first as you learn to navigate around and find where things are. You will also find that even as there are a number of resources available now, the content will change and grow with time.

You are invited to click away, and don’t worry, you’re not likely to break anything.

The site contains a variety of documents and files covering a broad range of subjects relating to child health and learning. Our goal is to provide proxy therapists (you, the reader) with sufficient guidance to deliver rudimentary learning and vision therapy at remote locations, such as schools and in the home. The target audience is primarily medical and therapeutic professionals, school divisions and their designates, and parents. Use of this site is restricted to authorized users only.

For local therapy providers, this mode of operating is convenient and reduces costs of delivery. For clients, custom therapy plans and web-based resources mean that they can benefit from professional guidance at their convenience. We recognize that this also means that clients can completely waste the opportunity by never applying the concepts presented; this is an unfortunate consequence of offering this sort of service and offer no refunds.

We take a uniquely comprehensive approach to Learning Therapy and our clients benefit. Learning impediments must be assessed in a global context in order to be fully understood. Some impediments may be secondary effects of other problems. It is most practical to identify and focus on the causal factors, rather than continuing to apply band-aid solutions. Reading remediation programs, for example, are of reduced utility if the client has trouble with his eyes. In fact, in some cases they are of no use at all. This is why we consider a broad range of concerns.

In order to assist you to deliver training, we offer material in the following areas. Follow links to learn more.

  1. Introduction to Training
  2. Overview of Assessment: Health First, then Skills
  3. Training Overview
  4. Visual Training
    1. Visual Signal Acquisition Skills
    2. Visual Signal Processing Skills
    3. Low-levelReadingSkills
    4. High-LevelReadingSkills
  5. Awareness
    1. Physical: Laterality and Directionality
    2. Mental: Meditation
  6. Health
    1. Nutrition
    2. Physical Conditioning
  7. Essential Background Information
    1. Optics and Vision
    2. Physiology/Ophthalmology/Optometry
    3. Commentary on vision and learning.

We also have a blog, which provides more informal content. If you are unsure where to go from here, click on the ‘Learning Therapy’ title at the top of this page to return to the home page.