drboulet.com Site Updates May 1, 2015

Hi everyone:

Time for an update.

Your SysOp has been working diligently to put a number of things together beyond drboulet.com, and have openly admitted that I’ve allowed the dust to settle some on this site and blog service. Well, I’ve been doing some tidying up in preparation for content and structural changes, finally, and have a number of other things to share as well. Here we go:

Site Status

As it stands, we are the biggest open non-commercial vision rehab blog in Canada. We have 174 site users, 171 of which are also registered as ‘Authors’. There are over three hundred VTOD’s, therapists, and ophthalmologists who receive these posts. Major changes are underway to align this site with its user base and to update with the current state of vision rehab and development in Canada.


Most of you reading this are authorised as authors and may log in and post content at any time. You should leave ‘Comments’ enabled so others may also provide their thoughts. You should never be afraid to broach controversial topics, but conversation should always remain civil.

All doctors and other ECP’s should feel free to keep posts about their own operations. This site’s main goal is to communicate information, but also to facilitate networking. Vision rehabilitation is in great demand, but there is no way we can see fair delivery of care unless we all stand up together with one voice. So, speak up. Tell us about yourselves and how awesome you all are!

Hey all you VTOD’s in BC and Ontario! COVT&R I’m talking to YOU!

Can’t remember your password? Just go to the log in page to reset it.

Site Changes

  1. Have unloaded a lot of WordPress background plugins and utilities that were unnecessary, so faster load times.
  2. Will be adding more interactive, visual elements in the near future.
  3. MUCH more content forthcoming, including: Activity library from LearningManagement.ca, and a growing collection of research items.
  4. Given all the changes, and I’m the only tech I have, expect occasional glitches and changes in appearance.
  5. If you look for the site and it says it’s temporarily unavailable, come back an hour or two later – back-ups and site updates are in progress.

Commercial Interests

The primary goal of drboulet.com is to share viable and hopefully interesting information. All posts should inform, including use of anecdotes, humour, clinical findings, research, pure science, complementary domains, case reports and so on. Unless otherwise specified, pure advertisements will not be allowed unless approved by site admin. We don’t mind donations as it takes time and $$ to run a worthwhile site. Feel free to ask about sponsorships.

Of greatest interest to me personally is a focus on neurological substrates, i.e. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation (NOR) as well as clinical principles and practice in vision development. Advertisements supporting these goals are much more likely to be accepted.

Web Elements

You might find some of these new web projects useful. Please let me know if you have ideas for these items, or if you think you’d like to see something new. Animated and informative web elements are useful in getting information out in a fun, effective, and inexpensive way.





More to Come…



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