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Welcome Occupational Therapists!

I think you’ll find the course material in this short program worth your time, and I look forward to collaborating with you to make this a richer and more valuable resource.

The course is ready, and some people have begun receiving the first items. You must have appropriate access to the web content in order to read it. This is why you must do two things to sign up:

1. Sign up for the newsletter that delivers 12 items to your email address.

2. Register as an OT user at drboulet.com (this site). Click here to do it (opens a new window/tab in your browser). If you’re already registered, it will complain that you’re already a member. Don’t worry about this.

You only have to do these things once, but be sure you’re selecting the ‘Pediatric OT’ membership option, not simply the ‘Free’ membership. (FYI, they’re both free.) If you select the Free option, or think you might have, simply re-register and select the OT option. If you need help, write to us at info ‘at’ dvvc.ca, or find our other contact information at www.dvvc.ca.

Note: This is a living project, and so expect much more elaboration of lessons and activities over time. Finally, as this program is running on new technology to us, we also expect some technical trouble from time to time. We appreciate your feedback and patience, and hope you find this time well spent.

Warmest regards,



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