Update: Where Are YOU?

Hi Everyone,

After one week, we have over 110 members. There are over thirty posts available already, and many more to come. I hope you’ve been finding something of interest in what’s gone out so far. Always happy to take requests! I’m working on a couple of research projects and will forward the more interesting bits as I go along.

One thing that is missing from the site is information about the members! The drboulet.com site is designed for collaboration, discussion, and research, and it’s also a great platform to tell everyone about your own clinic, your services, and clinical interests. Doesn’t cost a cent, just your time. Once you’ve logged in, simply click ‘+ New’ in the top menu (black menu bar). Select appropriate categories, throw in some ‘tags’, maybe a picture, a YouTube vid, some web links (these last two you can simply copy/paste into your document).

When you’re done working on your post, simply click Save Draft. When you’re ready, return to it by finding it in the Posts listing (left hand menu in the Personal User screen, not the main site, but the page you land on when you first log in). When you’re done, simply click Publish (blue button, right side of the editing page). You can also schedule when it appears, or if you like, post it, make changes later, then re-schedule it.

Of course, you are all also welcome to post your own content at any time on any relevant topic. You are not required to post a clinic page to remain a member, but why wouldn’t you?


PS – Just a reminder to users that they need to confirm their user status in order to be seen on Friend lists and to post content.

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