Update July 8, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update. drboulet.com was conceived Wednesday night in a chat with a few colleagues, by Friday night it was up. By 10 AM Monday, we have 50 users! (And I I push the Publish button on this post, we’re at 60!)

A reminder: You are not a registered user until you confirm your membership. Check your junk mail folder for a confirmation email from drboulet.com and click the appropriate link.

It’s very exciting to see the interest in VT, even for those who are starting from scratch. I think we’re all gaining more awareness about visual neurorehab and the role it can play in helping a great many concerns from medical to traumatic to developmental. If you are reading this, you have been registered for membership (some might still have to reply to the confirmation mail). You are strongly encouraged to create a NEW POST to tell us all about yourself and your practice. Use it as a billboard, put anything you want on it. Categorize the post as OD or VTOD, or both if you’re just starting, and the province you’re from.

Membership to drboulet.com is by professional referral or direct request to the SysOp (currently yours truly) at caboulet@mac.com. Membership is restricted to doctors of optometry, medicine, and psychology.

drboulet.com is very fertile ground and already a research group has been set up. Other groups are also available for open and frank discussion.

Look forward to seeing some of you online!


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