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The Vision Help blog has been around for some time and is one of my favourite sources for clinical commentary, research, and good ol’ fashioned ‘soap-boxing’. Dr. Len Press, one of the primary contributors to the site, is a world-renown author, instructor, and clinician. His fervor and passion always comes through, and (nearly) never pulls punches.

From the site’s description:

“What is VisionHelp? VisionHelp represents a group of leading Optometric vision specialists in the U.S. who serve to provide greater awareness and understanding of the science and best practices for training the visual brain. VisionHelp consists of University Professors, past presidents of national and state associations and authors of professional publications on various aspects of vision treatment and vision therapy. Our mission is advocacy to eliminate the senseless struggle through better vision for humankind.” readers are are strongly encouraged to sign up for the Vision Help blog. Follow these links to learn more:

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