The Human Visual Developmental Pyramid

Vision has often been depicted as a ‘pyramid’, with core functions and systems arriving early in development (the ‘base’) and other more advanced behaviours and skills arriving afterwards, partly as a function of earlier development. The graphic representation is designed to illustrate not only the process of development and how the staged nature of human growth occurs vis-à-vis vision, but it also provides a rough guide to approaching therapy.

Some have depicted vision as an emergent process, and this is well described here. Clearly human neural development, mirrored by behavioural evolution, would support this notion. Others have taken this quite a bit further, to where ‘vision is the center of the universe’, an extreme that I would not easily support even though this graphic is useful in showing vision as a globally integrative and evolving sensory process: vision is center Venn diagram

Many have elaborated this visual representation of visual development as a pyramid, and I have long wanted to have a try at it. It is impossible to include all elements in one graphic, and so it is necessarily a work in progress.

This version of ‘The Pyramid’ is being prepared for an upcoming book “Dr. B’s Parent and Teacher Guides: Child Vision, Learning, and Development: Fundamentals 2: Intervention Overview” the follow up to “Dr. B’s Parent and Teacher Guides: Child Vision, Learning, and Development: Fundamentals 1: Learning Mechanics

Keep watching as I will be posting more information about the upcoming book, as well as more on the Pyramid.

developmental pyramid

PDF: developmental pyramid

PS – As this graphic is likely to change from time to time, I will endeavour to keep this post updated as the main source of the latest version.

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