Hi Teachers!

It’s always a pleasure to speak with interested and engaged professionals about child vision and development. Find below some excellent resources to help you go further.

Feel free to write to us at info@dvvc.ca or call 403-933-5552.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Charles Boulet


PPS – I’ve really enjoyed the great questions and comments! Here are just some of the things you’ve said (and thank-you!):

  • “Could have been a full day! Full of information!” 4/4
  • “Very helpful in addressing potential problems that may very well be a visual problem. Great information, knowledgeable. Resources excellent.” 4/4
  • “Can’t wait to see all resources on web.” 4/4
  • “Awesome presentation.” 4/4′
  • “Full of useful applicable information! Thank-you!” 4/4
  • “Repeat this – esp at the ECEC conference.” 4/4
  • “Wonderful ambassador for visual health & education : )” 4/4
  • “*” (Gold Star!)
  • “Best session I’ve seen in years.” 4/4
  • “I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks. Bring it back. ALL teachers should hear this.” 4/4
  • “Thank-you for an informative session with such openness to ask questions. Great tips for some basic screening we can do in class.” 4/4
  • “So very important! Thank-you! I wish teachers would be required to be more informed on this.” 4/4
  • “You are amazing. Thanks for the information” 4/4
  • “Very helpful.” 4/4
  • “I would listen to Dr. Boulet for a couple of more hours.” 4/4
  • “Great applications to current studies and knowledge.” 4/4
  • “Thank-you!! I am very thankful that SOMEONE is relating behaviours to more than ADHD.” 4/4

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