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Environmental Causes of Astigmatism

A collection of readings re: the effects of posture on astigmatism. http://www.oepf.org/sites/default/files/Symphony%20Article_1.pdf Forrest-a new model of functional astigmatism Forrest-Astig as fx of visual scan, head scan, posture Forrest-eye scan therapy for astigmatism The_Effect_of_Accommodation_on_Ocular_Shape-Mutti  

VT Tip: Cylinder and Reading

Cylinder (astigmatism) >1.00 diopter, especially oblique, degrades reading performance. Amounts >2.00 diopters induce ‘lazy eye’ and cause sometimes severe medical and pseudo-psychiatric disorders. The ciliary body doesn’t care about spherical equivalent. (you can quote me on that) Now that’s something…