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Rosner Freeform

  This video will give you some ideas how to make Rosner copying easier and harder. It is vitally important that you identify a suitable level of difficulty for the client at the outset. Start with easy patterns, those that…


  To begin with ensure you are REGISTERED Get Registered What_is_eyeQ. FMRI  The Power of eyeQ – testimonials- EyeQ is a very useful set of computer-based exercises, delivered at your location, that will assist clients in developing three main areas:…


    Hopscotch Purpose:  To organize visually directed gross motor and balancing activities. Please see attached file for Materials and Procedure.    

Rocking Boat

  Rocking Boat Purpose: To provide an opportunity to explore interweaving control around midline and from head to foot. Please see the attached file for Materials and Procedure.

Bi Manual Lines

  Bi Manual Lines Purpose:  To develop effective, bilateral, visually monitored direction of movement, and steady visual fixation. Please see attached file for Materials and Procedure.  

Ball Toss Over Shoulder

    Purpose: To develop awareness of proprioceptive factors involved in eye-hand judgements by using back space. Materials:  Tennis ball or rubber ball of comparable size Procedure: Patient is instructed to: 1.  With right hand, toss ball over left shoulder…

Ball Passing Behind Knees

  Purpose:  To stimulate visual monitoring of head to foot and right to left gross interweaving patterns of hands and feet. Materials:  One hand-size ball, about the size of a tennis ball Procedure: Patient is instructed as follows: 1.  Pass…

Jump Rope

  Purpose:  To build good muscular coordination and establish symmetrical motor development with emphasis on the role vision plays in controlling and directing the action. Materials:  Jump rope, large manilla folder or the cardboard back of a school pad Procedure:…