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A new VT OD recently asked for a listing of books to explore new horizons. This post is the result. It is a simple listing of books that I enjoy and have found especially helpful in a) learning procedures, and b) understanding the background to ‘why’ we do what we do.

I’ve broken these into two categories, as you might expect: Clinical, and Background. I will return to modify this list over time.




Lens Power in Action (and most elements from the OEPF library.)

Anomalies of Binocular Vision: Diagnosis and Management

Binocular Anomalies: Diagnosis and Vision Therapy

Eye Movement Disorders

Vision Rehabilitation: Multidisciplinary Care of the Patient Following Brain Injury

Optometric Management of Learning Related Vision Problems

Vestibular Function: Clinical and Practice Management

Visual Diagnosis and Care of the Patient with Special Needs

Clinical Management of Binocular vision: Heterophoric, Accommodative, and Eye Movement Disorders

Rehabilitation of Visual Disorders After Brain Injury

See it. Say it. Do it.

The Skeffington Perspective of the Behavioural Model of Optometric Data Analysis and Vision Care

Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy

Decision Making in Opthalmology – An Algorithmic Approach

OEP/Books/Journals – Highly Recommended


The Visual Brain in Action

Principles of Neural Science

Subcortical Structures and Cognition: Implications for Neuropsychological Assessment

I of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self

Visual Aspects of Dyslexia

Adler’s Physiology of the Eye

Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System

Clinical Neurophysiology of the Vestibular System

Visual Perception: A Clinical Orientation

The Montessori Method

Spontaneous Activity in Education

Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning: The INPP Developmental Screening Test and School Intervention Programme

The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology

Child Development

Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist’s Journey into Seeing in Three Dimensions

Play and it’s Role in the Mental Development of the Child

Saving Normal: An Insider’s Revolt Against Out-of-control Psychiatric Diagnosis

Thought and Language

Dr. B’s Parent and Teacher Guides: Fundamentals 1 – Learning Mechanics

Bonus: Tools sites.


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