Reading Reflex

‘Reading Reflex’, by┬áCarmen McGuinness and Geoffrey McGuinness is a great resource to offer parents to assist with reading development. This program will have no impact on underlying binocular vision concerns and is therefore not a substitute for a thorough functional vision assessment. Furthermore, it is not recommended for the very young, below 5 years.

Children need varied experiences prior to beginning school and these all help to develop the underpinnings for reading acquisition. It is appropriate to work with language, but not by pushing formal reading per se. Simple family reading and demonstrating the general mechanics of words is fine, like following with your finger, or ‘showing’ words, not to learn them, but just to see them pointed out. Use rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. Make it fun, not serious or tedious.

This book was recommended in a VT discussion group. I ordered a copy and have gone through it and heartily approve! There’s also a work book. It’s not a bad idea to carry a few on hand.

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