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Here is a link to a favourite blog of mine, written by one of my patients. Not long ago, she would not have been able to write anything, let alone stand the glare of a computer screen. As you will read from the sample post, after multiple attempts to find relief through traditional means (i.e. thousands of dollars in medical testing and treatment), she is now much more enabled because her visual concerns have been addressed.

The visual system is connected to 65% of our brains. There are two consequences of this: First, if vision is ‘out of tune’, it will impact broadly across our behaviour and lives; second, if some other body/brain system is damaged, it will likely have some negative impact upon vision. In both cases, clinicians need to ensure visual needs of patients are addressed. This not only mitigates patient symptoms, but enables other therapies by removing a significant obstacle. Ironically, government health care provisions, which has been mostly ineffective in addressing this patient’s concerns in spite of the tens of thousands already spent, does not cover any visual needs of patients beyond a basic eye exam. This is bad medicine and bad business management.

The blog in question is written by a registered nurse who has worked in an emergency room for nearly 20 years. She is credible and well-researched. Her notes are meticulous and show clearly how much time was spent chasing ghosts while her concerns could have and should have been addressed earlier. I’ve selected a particularly poignant post, but encourage you to read the whole story.

Here’s the link:

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