OEPF Reference Center

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation is a world-leading source of research and resources for professional vision development.

The OEPF website itself is a unique repository of professional resources for clinical vision specialists, and anyone interested in vision and the role it plays in development, behaviour, and learning.

The Reference Center includes:

Bibliography Search: http://oepf.org/bibliography

Book Reviews: http://oepf.org/book-reviews

Professional Presentations: http://oepf.org/presentations

Professional Papers: http://oepf.org/page/professional-papers

Reference Articles: http://oepf.org/reference_articles

See Also in This Site:

Clinical Curriculum: http://oepf.org/page/clinical-curriculum

OEPF Journals: http://oepf.org/journals

Find an OEPF-registered developmental optometrist near you: http://oepf.org/page/map


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