Oculomotor Training and Vision Therapy

Download this study: Efficacy of Oculomotor VT in Reading

Visual Signal Acquisition (VSA) is the process of using the eye muscles, focusing system, and visual perception to find, target, and fixate on a visual signal. Visual signal could be anything we look at; in the classroom, the visual signals we are especially interested in are letters and words.

Frequently, that is, most of the time, when children are diagnosed with reading disabilities, they also have trouble with VSA, that is, they have trouble moving their eyes from target to target, and in keeping their eyes on the target and well-focused. eLVT contains numerous activities to help parents build their children’s VSA skills.

The article above is a nice review of other studies looking at the benefits of Visual Neuro-rehabilitation (Vision Therapy, or ‘VT’) with respect to reading improvement. The conclusion, I feel, is accurate: VT for VSA problems is as effective as reading training, on the whole; VT for VSA with reading training is a better combination of therapies. eLVT addresses other concerns as well and is more of a comprehensive approach to therapy than VT + reading training: Read more here.





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