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Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that if you ever forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking the login link to the right and then click ‘forgot password’.

If you’re a new user, or an existing user who has not yet done so, I encourage you to create a new post to tell everyone about you and your practice. Use it as a platform to brag if you like, feel free. We need to know who we are and where we are located. Don’t be shy, we’re a stronger optometric community when we work together and know one another! Try to elaborate on the following:



Contact info. (this is a private list)

Professional Interests

Research Interests

Web Site(s)


Click here to start your post. It’s a lot like working with Microsoft Word or similar programs. See this to learn more, as well as the video below:

When you’re done writing, be sure to select the appropriate categories:

1) ‘VTODs’ and/or ‘OD’, whatever you like. People will find you by selecting these categories.

2) Select your location, i.e. ‘Canada’ and also pick your Province. If you are from another country, select ‘International’ and you can request a specific listing by using the form below. Be sure to identify who you are, your location, email, and job/role.

3) ‘Subscribed’ – This allows only subscribed users to view your content. Please select this category to maintain privacy for the group. You may wish to NOT check this category if you want the general public to see your post, such as a public advertisement or public service announcement.

4) Whichever additional categories are relevant to your post(s).

Important: Finally, select under the ‘Simple Access Control’ panel below on the right, select “Show this content to: Users who are logged in.” This keeps the content private to members.

Finally: Click Publish, and you’re done. You can always return to the post later to change things at any time.

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