Michigan Tracking

PURPOSE: To improve fine saccadic accuracy and speed.

PROCEDURE 1: Select one of the following worksheets. Begin with something easy for the client, with larger fonts being easier than smaller. Underline the letters starting at the top left hand corner. When you get to the first “a”, circle it and then continue to underline the letters until you get to “b” and circle it. Continue underlining and circling the letters from “a” through “z.”

Pencil movement should be continuous and steady without lifting the pencil from the page. Try to be as accurate as possible. If a letter is skipped, you will not be able to complete the entire alphabet. Once you become accurate, start timing yourself and try to become quicker at finishing each section.

PROCEDURE 2: Starting at the top left hand corner, scan each line of letters from left to right using only your eyes. There is no underlining in this step. As you come across each of the letters from “a” through “z,” circle or cross out the letter, as above, but without underlining. Stress accuracy, speed, and no head movement. Record the amount of time it takes to do each paragraph.

Loading of this activity consists of timing trials and having the client attempt to complete the activity in less time on each new paragraph. Avoid doing too many of these at one sitting, perhaps 3 or 4. Have the child set time goals for when you return to the activity later the same day or on another day.

This activity also becomes more difficult as the size of the paragraph font decreases.

We don’t recommend using the metronome to load this activity.


Start with these, then see this page for many more Michigan Tracking worksheets in a variety of fonts and sizes.

Download Basic: Michigan Tracking