Michigan Tracking Worksheets

These worksheets are part of the Michigan Tracking exercise. There are a number of samples, with varying font styles and sizes. Clients should start with larger fonts with text that is easier to understand before moving to fonts that are more script-like or smaller.

Full Set: Full Set (Download and unzip.)

1602type 1602times 1602mono 1602courierCAP 1602comic 1601type 1601times 1601mono 1601courierCAP 1601comic 1254times 1254mono 1254courierCAP 1254comic 1253times 1253mono 1253courierCAP 1253comic 1252times 1252mono 1252courierCAP 1252comic 1251times 1251mono 1251courierCAP 1251comic 1004times 1004mono 1004courierCAP 1004copperCAP 1004comic 1003times 1003mono 1003courierCAP 1003comic 1002times 1002mono 1002courierCAP 1002comic 1001times 1001mono 1001courierCAP 1001comic 804times 804mono 804courierCAP 804comic 803times 803mono 803courierCAP 803comic 802times 802mono 802courierCAP 802comic 801times 801mono 801courierCAP 801comic 634times 634mono 634courierCAP 634comic 633times 633mono 633courierCAP 633comic 632times 632mono 632courierCAP 632comic 631times 631mono 631courierCAP 631comic 420 Suppl Materials and Sources_OCR 404times 404mono 404courierCAP 404comic 403times 403mono 403courierCAP 403comic 402times 402mono 402courierCAP 402comic 401times 401mono 401courierCAP 401comic 125-4times 125-4mono 125-4courierCAP 125-4comic 125-3times 125-3mono 125-3courierCAP 125-3comic 125-2times 125-2mono 125-2courierCAP 125-2comic 125-1times 125-1mono 125-1courierCAP 125-1comic 100-4times 100-4mono 100-4courierCAP 100-4comic 100-3times 100-3mono 100-3courierCAP 100-3comic 100-2times 100-2mono 100-2courierCAP 100-2comic 100-1times 100-1mono 100-1courierCAP 100-1comic 80-4times 80-4MONO 80-4courierCAP 80-4comic 80-3times 80-3MONO 80-3courierCAP 80-3comic 80-2times 80-2MONO 80-2courierCAP 80-2comic 80-1times 80-1MONO 80-1courierCAP 80-1comic 63-4times 63-4MONO 63-4courierCAP 63-4comic 63-3times 63-3courierCAP 63-3comic 63-2times 63-2times 63-2MONO 63-2MONO 63-2courierCAP 63-2courierCAP 63-2comic 63-2comic 63-1type 63-1times 63-1MONO 63-1courierCAP 63-1comic 40-4times 40-4MONO 40-4courierCAP 40-4comic 40-3times 40-3MONO 40-3courierCAP 40-3comic 40-2times 40-2MONO 40-2courierCAP 40-2comic 40-1times 40-1MONO 40-1courierCAP 40-1comic

The following is for use with red/green glasses. Alternate the red filter between the left and right eyes.

Red Michigan Tracking

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