Michael Lievens: The Lifelong Impact of Surgery Over Vision Rehabilitation

This post from our friend Robert Nurisio (Vision Therapist in Texas) speaks volumes about the impact of medical-surgical approaches to what are fundamentally not medical concerns.

Michael Lievens is a Belgian blogger who has struggled with intractable diplopia for many years after multiple failed attempts to ‘align his eyes’ via surgery. Imagine: Multiple surgeries to address hyperopic esotropia, when there are very effective functional means of addressing this, starting with an appropriate spectacle Rx, binasal occlusion, and some patching with active therapy.

To quote Michael, “In my opinion vision problems are not so much a medical mystery as they are a social problem.” This is a profound statement, on many levels. Predominantly, it speaks to the need to address public perceptions about the supposed omnipotence of western medicine to address all that ails us and the sheer absence of behavioural models in our publicly funded healthcare model. We tend to tacitly agree that if a service is not funded, it is not ‘science’. Nothing could be further from the truth in this case.

Enjoy the full article here and consider subscribing to both Michaels’ and Robert’s blogs. Find them here:

Robert Nurisio’s ‘VT Works’ Blog: http://vtworks.wordpress.com/

Michael Lievens’s ‘Living With Diplopia’ Blog: http://livingwithdiplopia.blogspot.be/


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