Metronomes are extremely useful in reading, learning, and vision therapy. They help us to control our movement and planning, and learn to speed some things up (for reading, for example) and to slow some things down (like when we fixate upon something, like a word, or picture).

We strongly recommend you find a good reliable metronome that allows you to set a tempo. Any typical music metronome will do. There are good cheap electronic ones available at electronics and music stores. You might also consider buying one for your smart phone. There are, for example, a number of good ones in the iTunes store, and you can go to for a larger selection for other phones. I was able to find a couple of decent ones for my iPhone and they were free of charge, though one has advertisements built in.You can also use this one for free any time you like:
It’s impossible to ensure that the rate (counts per minute ‘cpm’, or beats per minute ‘bpm’) of the online or smart phone metronomes will be correct, but they should be reasonably accurate and will suffice for our purposes.

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