About The Menus

Here are some tips regarding menus on the site.

First of all, the site is a WordPress site, so it also includes the WordPress menu bar at the very top of the browser window. Notice the WordPress icon at the far left, followed by ‘VTDOCS’ (click this to get quick links to things you need most), (you might see a comment bubble), a ‘New’ button (create new documents), and BuddyPress (use this to collaborate). At the far right, you will have additional tools including access to your personal account and profile information, and as search tool. You are advised, and asked, to change your password from the original you were sent when you became a member.

The dark Main Menu provides general navigation, information about the site, and access to your member-related pages, such as reports of activity and Group listings. Clicking on ‘Members’ retrieves a list of registered members.

The light Topics Menu is populated with links that gather all posts on related topics, as well as other tools for collaboration, eventually. As doctors post articles of interest, more results will appear. Please feel free to request specific links, but in general, the topics listed will be based on popularity.

The Floating Menu (‘Quickies’) holds the same position on the top right of the screen, regardless of where you are on the post or page you are viewing. This is now set to the same listing as the Topics Menu but will change over time.

Re: BuddyPress: It is all completely open. If members would like, private groups can be created for the purposes of discussing research. Please submit your request to the SysOp. You can make Friend requests, create Groups, and invite your friends to those groups.

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