Jacinta Yeung

Name: Jacinta Yeung

I am a recent grad from Pacific University (2013). I was born and raised in Edmonton, AB and plan to settle there. At the moment, I am in the Greater Denver area, a VT rich city, hoping to gain more experience. I became interested in VT when I first shadowed Dr. Shelly Hook before optometry school. My last rotation site was at Drs. Rob Lewis and Howard Bacon’s office in Chandler. My understanding of vision evolved there and continues to develop as I spend more time in the therapy room with patients.

Address: 445 Union Blvd, Suite 222

Lakewood, CO 80228

Contact info: jacintayeung@visiontransformation.net

Professional Interests:

My passion lies with children who have learning related vision problems but I also work with brain injured patients. I think the education system is crucial our future as a society but we do not always prepare the children for success. I love working with teachers and parents to show them how functional vision is necessary in learning.

Research Interests:

3D technology is starting to make it’s way into the education system and pilot studies (started in CO and now also in various other states and countries) show that students gain a better understanding from watching 3D clips. However, kids with visual dysfunctions are missing out. Luckily, one of the head developers recognize this importance and has been working with the AOA to spread this message. I am fortunate enough to be partnering with him and another VTOD in Denver to see how we can be more successful in our outreach.

I hope I can bring this back to Canadian practices when I return to Canada.


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