Introduction to Learning and Vision Therapy: Clinically Speaking Part V

Build the Foundation – First Steps in Therapy


This section focuses on the development of the motor foundations of strong visual targeting. These concepts will be familiar to Occupational Therapists for the most part, though some ideas will be new.

The reader is referred to other parts of this course that describe in greater detail why we are interested in developing motor skills for learning problems. This will not be discussed here. Rather, we will present very specific activities to develop areas of concern. It is important to note that these are only sample activities and can be supplemented or redesigned to meet specific needs of your own clients. Likewise, other parts of this course discuss sequencing of activities, activity loading, and how to approach therapy. These should all be reviewed prior to engaging in a formal therapeutic plan.

Activities are classified by area of developmental concern, but it should be apparent that many activities cross over into other areas so that there are collateral benefits in practicing them. The therapist may prefer such multi-faceted activities for home practice in that they can help to accelerate therapy.

Specific activity references refer either to general concepts that are taken as being common enough that little further description is required, or they refer specifically to activities found in the library. To retrieve these activities, the user simply has to sign up for an account at and search for the activity’s name. Note, the site is under development and so if you cannot find an activity, send a note to explaining which activity you were looking for and what the results were. We will endeavour to fix the problem ASAP. You will receive a note by email once things are rectified.


Randolf Shuffle: Simple and Complex – Library

123 Balance Board – Library

Egg Box Toss – Library

Ball on String From Teeth – Library

Gross Motor

Clapping Games – Library

Ball Bounce Instructions – Library

Jumping Jacks – Library

Hopscotch – Library

Breath Control – Library

Coding – Library

Mental Gymnastics – Library?

Kirshner Arrows – Library

Gross Motor Preliminary Instructions  – Library

Harmon Circles – Motor Equivalents  – Library

Harmon Lines – Space Organization  – Library

Krauss-Webber routines  – Library?

Yardstick and Origami – Library

Ball Hitting – body contact  – Library

Ball Hitting – Hand Movements  – Library

Ball Hitting  – Library

Ball Hitting – Dive Bomb  – Library

Explosion  – Library

Cross Pattern Walking with Flashlights – Library

Egg Box Toss  – Library

Balance Board  – Library

(Balance Beam) – Library

Chalkboard Directionality Fixations  – Library

330 String and Dowel  – Library

Yoga – Library

Directionality and Laterality Awareness

Tank Commander  – Library

Floor Marbles: Sitting and lying on stomach on clean smooth floor.  – Library

Bilateral Integration

Chalkboard Circles – Library

Table Marbles (tossing left to right) – Library

Ball Games: bouncing back and forth. – Library

Jax – Library

Explosion  – Library

Ball Juggle – Library

Simon Says Instructions – Library

Clapping Games – Library

Ball Hitting – Dive Bomb

Ball Hitting – Body Contact

Ball Bunt – Library

Angels in the Snow – Library

Explosion – Library

Trap the Marble – Library

Programming for working Retained Primitive Reflexes can also prove extremely valuable. See:

You can also order Dr. Lori Mowbray’s program:

See also:



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