Introduction to eLVT – Welcome


Welcome to this brief introduction to eLVT, or electronic Learning and Vision Therapy. This program consists of primarily three parallel components:

  1. An introduction to concepts relating to learning and vision therapy.
  2. A review of therapeutic programming appropriate for use in clinic and at home to help bolster vision and learning skills.
  3. A review of the site, it’s functions, and resource library.

Each post in the sequence builds upon the last to extend understanding and reinforce therapeutic principles – the hows and whys of therapy. There will also be listings for local developmental vision specialists, in addition to opinion and commentary on current trends.

What To Expect

Over the next month or so, you will receive a number of posts. Keep checking back at for new content, generally one new post each few days. Feel free to search terms and concepts on the site to learn more. If you have further questions, you can feel free to contact one of the available providers.


This program and site are under development. Please feel free to “info @ dvvc. ca”, missing pages, typos, dead or blocked links, and anything that doesn’t seem to be quite right. Finally, feel free to send us your requests for further content or embellishment.