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Homeopathy is founded on some fuzzy science and not a lot of hard clinical evidence of efficacy. Having said that, much of what is purported by so-called modern medicine is founded on perhaps more rigorous science, but again the clinical evidence and overall return on investment on QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Year) for patients is often questionable. This is especially apparent in the field of learning and behaviour concerns where millions are wasted for lack of adequate vision assessment.

The following article is written from the Western medical perspective, and like all other pronouncements/studies, needs to be read critically. Adverse Effects of Homeopathy

Fundamentally, like other sham therapy, homeopathy drains people’s pockets and leaves them wanting, hoping that the next ‘treatment’ will be the right one. Meanwhile, the patient becomes jaded and will become more resistant to considering other means of care, even if they make perfect sense.


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