Guest Author: Michael Lievens

Michael is a friend of mine, colleague and collaborator. He is not a doctor, but knows more about vision than most MDs, and likely many ophthalmologists when it comes to functional vision concerns. Michael was a high hyperope and had associated alternating esotropia. Rather than approaching Michael’s needs from a behavioural perspective (i.e. appropriate specs and VT), he underwent surgery that left him with intractable diplopia, headache, and many life complications as a consequence.

Michael has posted many times online, documenting his journey, what he has learned about vision, himself, and those who claim to have all the answers. I’ve invited him to become a guest author on I look forward to his posts. I’m sure you’ll find, as I do, the combination of clinical science and personal reflection offer a very real look into the realities of binocular vision management today.

Read Michael Lieven’s blog here:

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