Getting Started



  • click on a wiki’s title to go to it’s main page
  • click on ‘my page’ (at the bottom of each page) to return to your main page.
  • click on the ‘’ link at the top of each the public (green) site and the private (red) site. This switches back-and-forth between them.
  • enter a search term in the search box in the top right of a wiki to search that wiki only. If you do the same in the the ‘my page’ wikis list, it will search all wikis.

Wiki/Blog Instructions

This wiki is a great way to manage information regarding learning and reading disabilities. Dr. Boulet and invited authors will provide content and instruction to assist parents, teachers, and rehabilitation specialists. The trick is how to find it.

Here’s how to get started using this wiki:

*If you’re lost, click the ‘wiki’ link at the top of the screen to return to the wiki home page. You can also click the wiki title to return to the home page.

*Click the ‘blog‘ link at the top to go to the blog.

*If you are a member, you can click on the ‘My Page‘ link (bottom of pages) to return to your home page, which will list all available wikis, blogs, and also notify you of new content and updates.

*Click inside the ‘Search’ box at the top right of this screen. Enter a search term such as ‘dyslexia’ (of course, you don’t need to include the quotation marks). Press Enter/Return on your keyboard, or click on the Magnifying Glass icon. You can also simply enter your search term and wait a few seconds, some choices of pages might appear as a list, then you can simply click one of the choices offered.

*Click the ‘Help’ link in the bottom corner of the page.

*Try the INTERNAL INDEX and EXTERNAL INDEX for additional information.

*Return to the Main Page.

Once you log in to the private site, you will be presented with a video to guide you through some of the features there.