Favourite Toys

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This page lists my favourite toys. These are chosen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • >Value in promoting development of visual skills.
  • >Value in promoting general physical and mental development.
  • >Degree of interest and intrigue for children and older people.
  • >FUN!
  • >Whether or not I personally enjoy them!

Faves for 2011:

  • Tsurohttp://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/16992/tsuro – This is a simple game for two players or two small teams. In terms of visual skills, this game is likely to be a great aid in developing smooth pursuit movements (vsa) in addition to figure/ground discrimination and spatial orientation (vsp). There are many other cognitive skills developed here as well, such as forethought and strategic planning. There is, as with most games, a small element of visual motor control required (vmi) but it is insignificant as a training element. For $20, Tsuro is a nice add-on for therapy that’s a little off the beaten path and targets very nicely skills that children need to succeed in the classroom.

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