Fall Update 2014

It’s been a good while since your SysOp posted anything here, but that’s actually a good thing. Many fun things on the go to share with you, and we’re just getting revved up.

  1. Join the Canadian Vision Rehabilitation Institute Facebook group. No, this is not a formal thing, just a facebook group of professionals interested in vision rehab: Doors are open to anyone, but prefer a professional crowd. https://www.facebook.com/groups/visionrehab/
  2. Following a strong run up to completion of Alberta’s Bill 203: The Children’s Vision Assessment Act, there was a change in government (something to do with some free plane rides the Premier was taking), and so the Legislature was cleared. You can read more about just how close we got here: http://gatewaygazette.ca/mlas-unanimously-support-bill-203-for-childrens-vision/
  3. We are not done on the legislative front. We have a surprise for everyone in the new sitting of the Legislature for early 2015. Stay tuned.
  4. Software for vision development is in the works. This is a big story that will evolve over time. I’ll post notes and updates here as we go along, but expect some new fresh ideas you can implement easily with your own clients.

That’s all for now. Much more to come over the next weeks and months.

It’s good to be back.


PS – I’ll be tweaking this site as well, adding some new features I’ll tell you about as we go along. Stay warm!

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