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Dr. Kellye Knueppel is a VTOD in Wisconsin who has a very active blog life. Her articles target a general audience and so can be appropriate for OD’s just starting out on their journey into visual neurosensory rehabilitation. I like her work so much I’ve added her site to the Favorite Sites list on drboulet.com.

Find her blog here and sign up! http://info.thevisiontherapycenter.com/

Here’s a snippet from a recent post: ‘The Results of Vision Therapy Treatment for Strabismus’

Meet Bridget Robinson.  Her daughter, Abby, suffers from strabismus, and recently underwent vision therapy treatment.  In this latest success stories interview, Bridget tells how vision therapy improved Abby’s vision and her life.  Listen as she describes:

  • Her frustration at unsuccessful surgeries, and the disappointment she felt when told her daughter would never have good depth perception.
  • Her hesitancy to try vision therapy, and why reading Sue Barry’s book “Fixing My Gaze” had such a profound impact on her.
  • Her joy when her daughter was able to attend a butterfly exhibit at the museum, and instead of ducking, Abby enjoyed it.

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