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First of all, don’t worry. Worry won’t help anything and it will take your mind off of the very important task of helping your child succeed. If you have been led to believe your child has some sort of neurological problem, attention and/or hyperactivity disorder, depression, or dyslexia, chances are we can help where others, including the schools, have left you wanting. is a website that provides you with much more information regarding real practical help for learning and reading disabilities, as well as for other childhood developmental concerns, such as autism spectrum disorder. (There are actually two sites for the time being as we are expanding our services.)

The services we provide are uniquely suited to assist children overcome common problems in school. Dr. Charles Boulet ( is the director and lead developer of the project. His passion for assisting children with learning problems is supported by¬† a background that includes degrees in neuropsychology, education, and 8 years as a Jr. and Sr. High School sciences teacher. He also holds a doctorate in optometry with a focus on VRLDs (Vision-Related Learning Disorders). He is not a clinical psychologist, but he is qualified to administer a variety of clinical tools for assessing physical and mental behavior. His vision care clinic is located in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada. Dr. Boulet’s emphasis in developing is to provide a meaningful, potent, and accessible solution for parents who wish to actively participate in the development of their children’s success at school and in life generally.

No, we cannot ‘cure’ neurological developmental defects, or autism. We just don’t believe there is nearly as much ‘dyslexia’ and ‘ADD’ out there and the psychological and medical establishment would have you believe – and we certainly do not believe that just because a child struggles in school that he is neurologically impaired, even ‘mildly’. Frankly, it’s unkind if not cruel to make such statements without fully investigating the child’s abilities to succeed in the classroom, not just his health. Most common learning problems can be overcome, even children with other disorders can benefit from the proper care and attention.

Every day we consult with parents like you who have fallen into despair for the lack of support provided by doctors and schools. Medication can only go so far.

We show you how to overcome the most common problems with learning, starting with the mechanics of it all: general health, and visual and auditory function. Once this foundation is secured, we implement a variety of tools to train you to train your child, at home, on your own schedule, with professional guidance. We help you to build your child up, starting with the basics in body control and balance, to advanced visual function skills, to reading and more. The programming is easy, engaging, and fun, but it does require parental participation. In most cases where parents actually participate, there are generally remarkable results within two to three months. We cannot, however, magically make up for lost time in the schools and any missed material will still need to be recuperated. We can, however, offer some guidance in this area as well. Reach us through our clinic website

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