Diamond Valley Vision Care

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Diamond Valley Vision Care

Black Diamond A 9

Located in Black Diamond, Alberta, and is owned and operated by Dr. Charles Boulet. Dr. Boulet practices family and developmental optometry and provides service to an immediate clinical population of some 8000, while reaching many more from other regions online through his websites and blogging. His projects include:

ArchiesLaw.com Advocacy site featuring information for the general public regarding the need for mandated vision assessments for children.
MountainPostcards.com Advocacy site built around free postcard images.
LearningManagement.ca Resource and opinion site dedicated to vision, learning, and child development.
drboulet.com Collaboration network and newsletter for doctors practicing developmental optometry.
GatewayGazette.ca/views-on-vision/ Dr. Boulet’s blog in this Alberta Foothills online local news site.

Dr. Boulet (Charles, or Chas) uses his background in IT/tech and education to develop online resources for parents, clinicians, and VTODs who are in need of support for visual development. He is an avid photographer, compulsive writer, and part-time researcher.

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