Dangerous Patterns

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Home VT for Convergence Insufficiency: Ophthalmology Slowly Wakes Up


Every now and then, articles will appear in American medical journals that attempting to mislead the public regarding the value and application of vision therapy for dyslexia. Vision therapists never claim to cure Specific Reading Disorder, only to address the visual impact of poor or weak oculomotor and perceptual skills. In eLVT (Learning and Vision Therapy as we practice it), we are also concerned with other aspects of behaviour that impact a child to succeed in school.

The trouble with the sort of writing presented in the article in question is that it rejects wholesale the therapeutic benefits of the work behavioural optometrists do in order to refute an argument no one is making: That visual dysfunction causes dyslexia. In the end, physicians and other therapists reading the article will think there is no point in assessing visual function in children who have reading and learning trouble. The baby is thrown out with the bathwater, but there hasn’t even been a bath. It simply makes no sense and is frankly dangerous.

Read these two article to learn more about a recent irresponsible and misleading report from the journal ‘Pediatrics’.