Critical Flicker Frequency and Reading Disabilities


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From Dr. Dominic Maino’s VisionHelp Blog:

…Mean CFF threshold discriminated well between children with a chief complaint of reading problems and those with no history or report of reading problems. This agrees with earlier studies demonstrating reduced temporal processing reflecting visual magnocellular impairment in individuals with reading disability. We suggest that the CFF threshold test, which is both simple and rapid, be considered for inclusion in the clinical vision testing for children presenting with reading problems…..

Comments: This study was done by my colleagues Barry Tannen, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, & Noah M. Tannen. Dr. Tannen noted that: “In this study, the critical flicker frequency threshold (CFF) of children who had a history of reading disability were compared to age matched normal readers. CFF threshold discriminated well between reading disabled and normal readers. CFF threshold is a test that measures visual magnocellular function and adds further evidence to the growing body of evidence that shows reduced temporal processing in individuals with reading disability. CFF threshold is a simple test to perform and hopefully will be commercially available within the next year as a clinical test for optometrists and other health professionals to perform. (NOTE: I have no financial interest in this device).”

This research will be presented as a Poster Presentation at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2011 Annual Meeting DM

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