Client Testimonials

We are proud of the work we do and continue to develop eLVT because it works! Here are what some of our clients have said:

“Both me and my husband have notice a 100% improvement in H’s reading in the last six months since we’ve been using eLVT programming.”

HM, Homeschooling. Mother of ‘H’ who had fallen behind three grade levels in reading.

“In my search for answers to my son’s learning difficulties, we have been referred to many people all with their own opinions as to the cause of these difficulties. We have tried many different programs etc. None of which have had much effect…until recently when our new pediatrician recommended that we see Dr. Boulet. … We are delighted with the results so far and are looking forward to seeing the continued improvement. We are so grateful to finally have some answers. Thank you Dr. Boulet for this much needed program to help kids with learning difficulties.”

Kay D – Parent of child diagnosed with and treated for attention deficit, dyslexia, and depression at Grade 2.

“The time and effort Dr. Boulet has put into building the program library I know he cares about my son’s success. He makes the website accessible and I find the library of resources very helpful. As someone in the health care field it is important for me to understand the physiology of my son’s reading difficulty. … Since Dr. Boulet explained what foundational building blocks my son needs, I have been able to recognize and encourage common fun activities we have at home to help build reading success. I have seen improvement already, and look forward to more as we continue working together.”

KMJ – Nurse/Midwife

“Vision is a complex phenomenon that creates learning difficulties for many students in schools. Correcting this learning problem may require more than getting glasses. Relearning the process of viewing with glasses or with new glasses may take time and, in some cases, may require expert help. I believe Dr. Boulet is on to something.”

Dr. FXB, Superintendent of Schools, retired.

“I have spent the last 2 hours perusing the website (eLVT) and although at first it was quite a daunting task, I dug deeper and deeper and started to enjoy myself! You have done a wonderful job with your instructions and the activities!”

RL, Teacher and Mother of BL, Gr 5, Reading Difficulty

“I would like to thank you and your staff for how you helped my son ‘A’ during a situation where his sensitive hearing and eyesight were overloaded with other childrens’ activity and the new testing he did. You and your team are exceptional in this regard….

His challenges with interacting with peers children around his age group used to keep him on the fringe of life’s experiences, this has been greatly improved through multi-faceted therapy, diet and biomedical supplements, homeopathy and diligence with a team of many caring people such as yourselves. I am always humbled at what I can learn to help him and us through our experiences of Autism.

Your ability to teach concepts is clear to me, and gave me knowledge and strength. Your therapy website is easy to maneuver around and the articles are easy, understandable, and interesting reads. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am grateful, you have resparked my energy to get back to therapy with ‘A’.”

Bev M, Mother with son ‘A’ with autism.

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