Client Comments

Client “Kay D”, Mother with son falling behind in Gr 3 reading.

“Let me begin by saying that in my search for answers to my son’s learning difficulties, we have been referred to many people all with their own opinions as to the cause of these difficulties. We have tried many different programs etc. None of which have had much effect…until recently when our new pediatrician recommended that we see Dr. Boulet. Our pediatrician wanted to rule out any vision problems as a possibility and he had heard good things about Dr. Boulet’s learning program and thought that it was worth checking into. We were shocked to discover that my son is nearly blind in one eye and not much better in the other. Obviously a huge obstacle in his ability to learn.

Since getting his new glasses and beginning with some of the training activities we have seen noticeable improvements in both his vision and his behaviour. The Learning Management website has been a valuable resource for us. There is wealth of valuable information available to review at our convenience and having access to the training activities and explanations online has given us the ability to fit training into our busy schedule!

We are still new to this but are delighted with the results so far and are looking forward to seeing the continued improvement. We are so grateful to finally have some answers. Thank you Dr. Boulet for this much needed program to help kids with learning difficulties.”


Dr. FXB (Frank), Retired Superintendent of Schools in Alberta

“Vision is a complex phenomenon that creates learning difficulties for many students in schools. Correcting this learning problem may require more than getting glasses. Relearning the process of viewing with glasses or with new glasses may take time and, in some cases, may require expert help. I believe Dr. Boulet is on to something.”


Bev M, Mother with son ‘A’ with autism.

“I would like to thank you and your staff for how you helped my son ‘A’ during a situation where his sensitive hearing and eyesight were overloaded with other childrens’ activity and the new testing he did. You and your team are exceptional in this regard.

His challenges with interacting with peers children around his age group used to keep him on the fringe of life’s experiences, this has been greatly improved through multi-faceted therapy, diet and biomedical supplements, homeopathy and diligence with a team of many caring people such as yourselves. I am always humbled at what I can learn to help him and us through our experiences of Autism.

Your ability to teach concepts is clear to me, and gave me knowledge and strength. Your therapy website is easy to manoeuvre around and the articles are easy, understandable, and interesting reads.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am grateful, you have resparked my energy to get back to therapy with ‘A’.”


K, Mother/Nurse/Midwife, Homeschooling 2 Children, Son having reading difficulty.

“The time and effort Dr. Boulet has put into building the program library I know he cares about my son’s success. He makes the website accessible and I find the library of resources very helpful. As someone in the health care field it is important for me to understand the physiology of my son’s reading difficulty. He is always willing to take time to answer questions and address concerns. Since Dr. Boulet explained what foundational building blocks my son needs, I have been able to recognize and encourage common fun activities we have at home to help build reading success. I have seen improvement already, and look forward to more as we continue working together. ”


BKM – Mom whose son is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder – grade 5

“In June–2010, I heard about “vision therapy” from a group of parents who had been to the Autism One Conference in Eastern Canada. A dynamic Mom shared her experiences of all the sessions that she attended, noting that the vision therapy was the newest to her and the most intriguing and worthwhile. She then booked her daughter into a vision eye therapy Dr. connected to the conference. After that night of shared discussion, I was pumped and started researching. To my surprise, I came across Dr. Boulet’s advertisement in the Gateway Gazette which focused on services of vision therapy and learning disabilities. I called at once, and was immediately helped. I couldn’t believe my luck!

The idea of Vision Therapy sparked my interest because of our son’s delayed reading (K-1), combined with scanning and memory “hiccups”, missing information in the bottom right hand quadrants (as observed by our speech therapist, a past teacher and myself). He also shows some ‘dyslexic’ type responses when reading license plates to me, he reads words aloud that are not there, makes “word” substitutions, that I notice if the letters were switched or left out. Consistently our speech therapist would make verbal note to me of these “scanning and recall issues” while we would be in therapy.

Our son had been tested one year prior with standard eye exam, depth perception and color testing by a recommended eye Dr. and his friendly team. I thought something would have come up with the depth perception because he had trouble finding shapes or pictures in black and white scenes, but nothing exceptional was revealed. The air puff test (eye pressures) and the eyeball photography was a long and arduous process, and a difficult task to bear for an autistic child who cannot close his eyes upon request or open them wide. It is also difficult for him to attend to and focus on new tasks in a new overwhelming busy environment.

Dr. Boulet and Ginger worked calmly and cohesively to test him, I felt and saw on the first visit that they really wanted to help and find out what his eyesight was doing. Ginger went with my idea to cover his head with a shirt to take a picture of his eyes undercover to allow him to focus on just the picture of the balloon. I need to mention their patience at the numerous times they executed this task. Watching in awe as Dr. Boulet interacted with my “agitated” son, talking with him and setting him at ease. Dr. Boulet quickly adjusted and readjusted his testing tools and methods. My son’s visual and hearing filtering sensitivities did not stop the process. I quietly smiled to myself that our son did not have to conform to the tests, this Dr. was quite creative in getting information he needed to assess our son; and know when this kid was reaching overload.

My curiosity was increased further when he asked my son to put on the depth perception glasses, and my son’s normal response is to put glasses on up-side-down and over top of the middle part of his ears, not on top of. During this process I tried to correct him and Dr. Boulet respectfully corrected me, noting that he wanted to see this behavior. Another “Ah Ha! moment that I’ve experienced so many times in other therapies over the years. This was an indicator of my son’s own body and spatial awareness problems.

Dr. Boulet shared his preliminary introduction of vision therapy, what his ideas were of our son’s various vision processing issues might be and what may help our son. I was convinced of his varied and vast knowledge, experience, skill and passion towards teaching and making a difference to kids living with learning disabilities and their families. He enlightened me on what possibilities exist. I now need to roll up my sleeves, get to work learning and teaching the activities with my son and husband, with Dr. Boulet’s guidance and expertise.

This is now our sixth year after the big “D” (– the year of Diagnosis) a journey of learning to live with Autism, to enhance his childhood, his future and our family. We have been fortunate to experience hope over this time.

Thank you Dr. Boulet and Team!

You have my sincere gratitude and respect.

Please keep the articles coming in the Gateway Gazette.”

Note from Dr. B: While we employ methods of Vision Therapy, what we do is more accurately described as Learning and Vision Therapy. This is because we address potential threats to learning in addition to visual dysfunction. You can learn more by reading Consultation Process,Background, and Why we do what we do. Learning and Vision Therapy is beneficial for most who engage in it and we see positive effects in children with even significant developmental problems. It is NOT a cure for autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder.


RL, Teacher and Mother of BL, Gr 5, Reading Difficulty

“I have spent the last 2 hours perusing the website and although at first it was quite a daunting task, I dug deeper and deeper and started to enjoy myself! You have done a wonderful job with your instructions and the activities!”