CAO Call for Action on Children’s Vision Health

The Elephant in the Room Needs Glasses, and Probably VT

Preaching to the choir here, but there’s no question that the lack of attention to children’s vision puts them at risk and overburdens healthcare, education, social services, and justice right across the Country. In EVERY country.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists has made a clear call to action to all doctors of all stripes, as well as to parents and educators: We are dropping the ball on children’s vision and they and their families are paying the highest price. This house is most definitely on fire. Let’s not be too polite about facts and get this thing under control, once and for all. Or, we can take a slightly different approach to child vision needs.

Let’s all make a loud noise about this great big elephant in the room. BTW, myopia is NOT our biggest visual concern. Read more:

And more about visual impediments to learning here:

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