Can’t Afford To Pay?


While we believe strongly in the benefits of Learning and Vision Therapy, we must charge for our services to maintain operations. We also realize that for many parents, the fees for our services might mean the difference between getting service for their children and not.

Therapy should be scheduled over 8 months and provides (as indicated): advice from Dr. Boulet, all the tools you need, ongoing access to the private site, software, and up to two pairs of prescription glasses. Your membership is ‘officially’ good for 12 months but we can extend this for you for the asking. Extended memberships cost nothing extra at this point, but does not include ongoing consulting fees or other equipment or services.

There is no formal ‘contract’ that you will sign. You are paying for access to an online service for at least 8 months, and more if you like. During the 8-12 month ‘subscription’ period, Dr. Boulet will be available to assist you in any way he can via email or through his clinic.

The cost of the program is generally less than what parents typically will spend on hockey-related expenses in one year and we can accommodate payment plans given a deposit and a credit card. We are confident in our service and how we can help children with reading/learning trouble and are concerned that those children who NEED the service have access to it.

If you feel you would like to engage our therapeutic services but cannot afford it, let us know. We will do a needs assessment and if you meet the criteria, you may be eligible for reduction of rates based on income/means. Some restrictions may apply.

Contact Us for more information.

PS – You should know that not all families qualify for therapy, regardless of financial means. You may be able to pay for treatment, but you will still need to meet our requirements for time and commitment to the process.