Books: Child Development


OEP = Optometric Extension Program

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“Jillian’s Story” OEP. Talks about where opthalmological treatment ends and optometric vision therapy takes over. Well done, good story for parents.

“Eyes On Track” OEP. Has lots of good developmental activities and also written to a lay audeince. OEP distributes this one as well.

“Begin Where They Are”, OEP. Deals with procedures and gearing the activities to where the child is in visual development. (Similar to what you will find by studying the Approaching Therapy areas.) Available June 2011

Getman’s “How to Develop Your Child’s Intelligence” is a classic and Dawson/Forkiotis/Edelman’s “Suddenly Successful Student and Friends” is used by many offices for patient education. Try the OEP store, or

“Visual Development for Preschoolers”, DVD/workbook, Lori Mowbray. OEP. Lots of good activities for children between the ages of 3-6.

One of my preferred child development curriculum developers is Jerome Rosner who is well worth searching out. In particular, go to to and order a used copy of ‘Helping Children Overcome Learning Disabilities‘, 2nd Edition. An excellent lesson in child development along with hundreds of useful and practical therapy/training ideas.

There are too many to count. Look for updates to this page.