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This site is about the people we serve. As depicted in this magnificent sculpture by Raymond Mason, our communities are comprised of a broad array of life conditions and needs. As VTODs, we are there for everyone, to enrich lives and enable people.

I hope you find the site useful. Recommend it to your colleagues, it can only be as good as its contributors. In time, it will become a place to find help, networks, support, pdfs, research, collaboration interests, and more. Feed it and it will grow.

As for discussions, I’m not one to restrict anything that is said. I want to hear it all, the good and the bad, and you don’t even have to be especially polite so long as you remain respectful, accepting, and tolerant of others. If you step over the line, let those who know better bring you back in. The most important thing is to always move the interests of our clients forward through good clinical work, research, and discussion.

Have fun, and don’t leave anyone intractably diplopic.


PS – If you haven’t already signed up for the news feed, do it now. Look on this page to find a simple form to add your email address.

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