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These activities are provided for parents and therapists to expand understanding of what therapy is, and to assist in delivering meaningful vision therapies. These are not intended to be a replacement for assessment and treatment planning by a developmental vision specialist, and some activities could potentially lead to more harm than good if improperly administered, managed, or delivered out of sequence.

You are encouraged to contact a vision specialist or participate in formal training activities to learn more.

Click here to review the current list of available activities. Please note:

  1. Not all activities are ‘complete’ and require clarification and/or elaboration. Some need links corrected.
  2. Activities change over time as they are refined.
  3. New activities will be added over time.
  4. You must be a registered user to view activities.

The activities are being moved from their original home (tx.dvvc.ca and the original eLVT Public site) to this site. This takes time and there are going to be issues for a while, especially in incorrect/dead links. Please feel free to leave us feedback regarding activities, including errors, need for clarification, or requests for new activities. We will address these concerns and requests as soon as we can.


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