2010 Toy of the Year: Perplexus

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For $25, this is one of the best tools (oops, I mean toys!) you can find to build visual, visual motor, and spatial awareness skills. I love this toy so much I have one in my clinic and give it away to my clients in learning and reading training. This is a great tool (argh! toy!) in that it captivates the player and so they will want to play often and for extended periods. It is suitable for all ages and abilities (Ages 4+ generally speaking). Parents should buy this for their children, but will end up playing it themselves!

Skills/Senses Developed:

  • >Visual Motor Control (VMI)
  • >Spatial Mapping/Awareness
  • >Balance
  • >Bilateral Control
  • >Fixation (ability to hold focus on one area)
  • >Pursuits (smooth eye movements)
  • >Saccades (jump eye movements)
  • >Planning/Anticipation
  • >Mental Focus/Attention
  • >Patience