Hi Teachers!

It’s always a pleasure to speak with interested and engaged professionals about child vision and development. Find below some excellent resources to help you go further.

Also, be sure to have a look at the July Vision in Learning Symposium coming this Summer! Learn more here: http://drboulet.com

Feel free to write to us at info@dvvc.ca or call 403-933-5552.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Charles Boulet

PS – Be sure to sign up for free ‘Dr. B Guides’ to learn more about child vision, learning, and development: http://books.drboulet.com.


PPS – I’ve really enjoyed the great questions and comments! Here are just some of the things you’ve said (and thank-you!):

  • “Could have been a full day! Full of information!” 4/4
  • “Very helpful in addressing potential problems that may very well be a visual problem. Great information, knowledgeable. Resources excellent.” 4/4
  • “Can’t wait to see all resources on web.” 4/4
  • “Awesome presentation.” 4/4′
  • “Full of useful applicable information! Thank-you!” 4/4
  • “Repeat this – esp at the ECEC conference.” 4/4
  • “Wonderful ambassador for visual health & education : )” 4/4
  • “*” (Gold Star!)
  • “Best session I’ve seen in years.” 4/4
  • “I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks. Bring it back. ALL teachers should hear this.” 4/4
  • “Thank-you for an informative session with such openness to ask questions. Great tips for some basic screening we can do in class.” 4/4
  • “So very important! Thank-you! I wish teachers would be required to be more informed on this.” 4/4
  • “You are amazing. Thanks for the information” 4/4
  • “Very helpful.” 4/4
  • “I would listen to Dr. Boulet for a couple of more hours.” 4/4
  • “Great applications to current studies and knowledge.” 4/4
  • “Thank-you!! I am very thankful that SOMEONE is relating behaviours to more than ADHD.” 4/4


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