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Rosner Freeform

  This video will give you some ideas how to make Rosner copying easier and harder. It is vitally important that you identify a suitable level of difficulty for the client at the outset. Start with easy patterns, those that…

Rosner 100-123

    Here is the basic Rosner starting point.  Study the twovvideos and be sure to download the printouts.   Rosner Home Page Rosner 100-123: Basics   Rosner 100-123: Loading

Books: Child Development

  OEP = Optometric Extension Program Go to the OEP Store “Jillian’s Story” OEP. Talks about where opthalmological treatment ends and optometric vision therapy takes over. Well done, good story for parents. “Eyes On Track” OEP. Has lots of good developmental activities…

Rosner Dots / Patterns

  Rosner Forms/Dots are an effective and low-cost means of developing a number of visual and orthographic skills. The activities consist of replicating existing drawings onto grids of dots and have varying degrees of difficulty. These exercises are easy to…

Paper Pegboard

  Download and print this attachment for use with specified activities. You will also need a roll of pennies or nickels or equivalent (small circular objects of similar shape size and colour.)   Paper Pegboard