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OEPF Reference Center

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation is a world-leading source of research and resources for professional vision development. The OEPF website itself is a unique repository of professional resources for clinical vision specialists, and anyone interested in vision and the role…


Mathematics is behaviourally and neurologically very different from reading. Reading tends to be a bottom-up and top-down process, based in the linear acquisition of information. Mathematics requires much more divergent thinking, that is, thinking in the abstract, alternating with convergent,…

Research Tools

  http://www.oepf.org ALIS:¬†http://alis.alberta.ca/ http://www.plosone.org/home.action http://marigold.ab.ca/eresources.html http://ldx.sagepub.com/ http://www.tracpac.ab.ca/ http://journals.elsevierhealth.com/ http://www.nora.cc/