Environmental Causes of Astigmatism

A collection of readings re: the effects of posture on astigmatism. http://www.oepf.org/sites/default/files/Symphony%20Article_1.pdf Forrest-a new model of functional astigmatism Forrest-Astig as fx of visual scan, head scan, posture Forrest-eye scan therapy for astigmatism The_Effect_of_Accommodation_on_Ocular_Shape-Mutti  

AAP Vision Screening Recommendations


Less Than Meets the Eye: When ‘Expert’ Advice is False Economy Pediatricians receive only cursory training in assessing children’s visual function, and only minimal exposure to ophthalmic disease. This is reflected in the visual screening recommendations by The American Academy…

The Human Visual Developmental Pyramid

developmental pyramid

Vision has often been depicted as a ‘pyramid’, with core functions and systems arriving early in development (the ‘base’) and other more advanced behaviours and skills arriving afterwards, partly as a function of earlier development. The graphic representation is designed…

Vision Blindness Part 3 – What we won’t see.


(See Part 2 here.) In the Preface to this series, I mentioned how I’ve been personally attacked for my advocacy for better (any) standards for children’s vision needs. No, I don’t have a saviour complex, and would much prefer to…

Vision Blindness Part 2 – What we don’t see.


What We Don’t See Affects How Things Appear (See Part 1 here.) Sharry came in with her daughter Sam, a socially awkward but friendly and intelligent 9 year-old, who is struggling in Gr 4. “The pediatrician said her eyes were…